Saturday, 28 January 2012

Making it myself

I have recently discovered that many things I used to buy at the supermarket, are easy enough to make myself. The benefit of this discovery is the lack of additives and unknown ingredients in my food. I may have a vague idea of what they mean by an emulsifier on the label, but what is it really? Is the preservative mentioned something natural, salt or something made in a food lab? Should I really be eating all these items on the label that I do not understand? But do I want to become obsessed with reading all about them and educating myself or would it be more fun just to make more things from scratch myself?

I've decided I would enjoy pottering in the kitchen more than reading a big book on additives. Also, that making it myself gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Knowing that I can do it myself.

Plum and cinnamon jam

"My Preserving Jar" will be not just about preserving seasonal produce in jars. I will be making things from scratch instead of buying them ready to use from the shops. I am sure some things I will decide are too much bother, while others will become a regular part of my kitchen tasks.